Business Terms




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The agency guarantees the soundness and safety of the available accommodations, except for situations resulting from major force.

The tenant may not use the rented holiday home to rent to others.

The tenant is at all times allowed to receive visitors. The visitors are bound to abide by all rules as for the lessee may apply.

It is not allowed to occupy the property permanently.

The tenant is not allowed to make permanent changes, of any kind, to the property.

The tenant must ensure that no nuisance or annoyance to nearby residents caused by tenants, roommates, pets (see below) or others who are due to the tenant in the rented property or in public spaces. This includes: any form of nuisance such as noise, nuisance caused by morally irresponsible practices in or near the leased property. The tenant is to conduct household, pets or others who are due to the tenant in the rented property or common areas are people the same way as for his own acts and omissions.



The published prices for villas and apartments are always per week and in accordance with our lists. In principle, minimum stays are seven nights, entering on a Saturday and leaving the following Saturday. In mid and low seasons, clients may choose another day to enter and leave. Prices include the provision of the fully equipped accommodation, maintenance and cleaning of pools and gardens. 
Prices do not include cancellation insurance, which is optional but strongly recommended.

Additional expenses such as a 20€ administration fee (note: only for online reservations), the final cleaning, household linen (sheets and towels), air conditioning, heating in the winter, gas and other expenses such as extra beds, cots, baby chairs, supplementary charges for pets, late arrival or arrival on a feast day, and any other charges that may appear on the booking, may or may not be included in the price, depending on each accommodation.
In any case, any of these additional expenses will be indicated in the booking contract-voucher, as well as their exact cost.


During summer it is usual to rent from saturday (day off arrival) to saturday (day of departure). This means, during the months of july and august most of the properties can not be booked for less than 7 days. Please contact the agency for further information. Rental bookings may be formalized in writing, by telephone, or via the Internet. You will receive a confirmation of the booking, together with a booking contract-voucher. Depending on the accommodation chosen, this contract should be returned duly accepted and signed by you. The method of payment of the initial deposit may be via PAYPAL, VISA or bank transfer.
We will usually request an advance to be paid (initial deposit of 30%) into our account within a maximum term of seven days, which will act as confirmation of the booking and the subsequent acceptance of the general and specific terms and conditions. The remaining balance must be paid in accordance with the rental contract-voucher. It is normal to ask for the full amount of any booking made less than sixty days prior to the start of the rental period.
In case of failure to comply with the established terms, the booking may be cancelled automatically with no prior notice.


Clients may contract a booking cancellation guarantee for a percentage of the booking, which may vary depending on the accommodation, and which covers possible cancellations for reasons of major force (work layoff, accident, illness or death). If a client decides to cut short his or her stay unilaterally for any reason, no reimbursement will apply.

Cancellations must be comunicated to the agency. Reported in writing or by e-mail If a booking is canceled by the customer, according to the legal provisions the following amounts will be charged:
Cancellation up to 60 days before date of arrival: 30% of the total amount.

Cancellation from the 60th day (inclusive) the day of arrival: the full amount.


A deposit is required, which may vary depending on the accommodation. This deposit is used as a guarantee of the proper use of the home, the conservation of the furniture and items in the house, and conditions of use and leaving. Said amount will be added to the total amount on the booking-form and will be paid back 8 days after your stay, if no damage to the accommodation or its inventory is found. Even if any rented towels after the rental period are returned in poor condition, making further use of it is no longer possible, a portion of the deposit can be retained.


The keys will be handed over at the address, date and time indicated in the booking contract-voucher. Should clients arrive outside these hours, on public holidays or a Sunday, they must contact the agency. In these cases it is normal to be charged a supplementary fee of 40€. The accommodation will be left before 11 am, in the same state as it was handed over, tidy and with no accumulated rubbish. If this is not the case, clients will lose a part of their deposit, or in serious cases, they will lose the entire deposit.


The number of persons per accommodation may not exceed the capacity stated on the booking contract-voucher, not even during the stay. It is also not possible to change the identity of more than fifty per cent of the people who have started the stay.
In addition, pets are only allowed if expressly authorized on the booking contract -voucher. Final cleaning does not include dishes, cutlery, kitchen utensils, oven and barbecue or taking the accumulated rubbish to the nearest rubbish containers.

Clients must allow access to the agency or authorized personnel during their stay to check compliance with these obligations. The agency reserves de right to cancel the rental in case of reasonable doubt regarding the possibility of clients causing serious damage to the property.
Non-compliance with the conditions of use and/or leaving will lead to the automatic cancellation of the contract and to the loss of the guarantee deposit.


The agency reserves the right to provide an alternative to the accommodation chosen, with similar characteristics, in case of serious unforeseen circumstances.


Except for any errors in transcription, the information regarding the description of the accommodation is established in good faith on the basis of the indications provided by the owner of the property. The agency, as the intermediary of the service, cannot be made liable for any possible modifications that affect the accommodation or its surroundings, noises, works or power cuts; or for any negligence or omission of services by third parties as well as cases of major force or unforeseen delays which may affect the administrator. Neither the owner nor the agency is to be made liable for any damage (injuries, illness, death, material damages or theft) suffered by the client or his/her companions, them being entirely liable for this kind of damage. Therefore, they must protect their safety and belongings. The use of the pool and other installations of the accommodations is the responsibility of the users.



We do everything we can to ensure you have a happy holiday. However, we are open to any complaint or suggestion that you wish to express. Rest assured that we will provide you with a quick and satisfactory solution. In case of any incidents, we advise you to notify the agency immediately with the aim of solving the problem as soon as possible. Some problems (the proper operation of certain installations, for instance) can only be detected after you arrive, so we ask you to check if everything works properly at arrival, notifying us of any incidents. More information about inventory and the use of local facilities can be found in every property, or will be explained to you by our personell. For possible disputes, we refer to the court in Denia (Alicante).